Sunday, May 24, 2009

Elves, Wizzards, Giants

Here is the game we played in the morning part of our session. Remember the additional changes we thought about after playing it through (bigger beads, having cards with pictures and who beat who on them)

Life bands
A number of tokens marked either Elf, Wizard or Giant
Split the group into two teams. Either create a base for each team of allow each team to find and make their own (A base can simply be a particular tree or landmark).
Teams go to their bases and each team member is given one life band and token of their choice (elf, wizard or giant). The token stops arguments as to who wins.
Giant beats Elf
Elf beats Wizard
Wizard beats Giant
Each team member then goes out to try and get a band off opposing team members, but the token players hold decides who wins each meeting according to the system above. If tokens are the same nothing happens and players go to find another of the opposite team. The winning player gets the other’s life band and returns it to their base. The looser returns to their base to collect another life band and change tokens if they wish.
At the end of the game the winning team is one that has most life bands.

Life bands - Some form of 'token'. This is usually coloured bits of wool tied around a wrist or pieces of coloured card carried around, etc. But the basic rule applies that you can only be actively part of the game with one. Without it you must return to base camp.

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